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Sinfully Delicious

Raspberry Vinaigrette 

On a recent trip to Austin to get #2 squared away in college Hubby and I dropped into the local Luby’s for a bite to eat. They had an all you can eat deal going so I guess my favorite blue cheese salad dressing was too expensive to offer at their bargain buffet price. Instead I settled for their homemade raspberry vinaigrette. It was  yummytastic!!!! Since then I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I have cravings for it worse then when I was preggers years ago.

I looked all over the net thinking surely someone has duplicated it but no luck, so I have been mixing together various concoctions based on what some of the raspberry dressings I found. Two bags of raspberries latter I can no longer remember just what Luby’s tasted like but mine is delicious enough to please me and satify those monster cravings. It also has the benifit of being sugar free and can be whipped up in less then five minutes.  Put it on a salad with Craisins and some nuts and it doesn’t get any better!

In blender combine the following:

  •  1/4 cup frozen raspberries
  •  1/2 cup oil- I like 50/50 canola and olive
  •  2 teas lemon juice
  • 1 Tbs balsamic vinerette
  • 1Tbs + 1 teas red wine vinegar
  • 3Tbs Splenda or similar
  • 1Tbs honey

Blend on high several minutes until very thick and well emulsified. It is best to keep blending for an extra minute past when you think you have it to be sure.  All done!

See simple right 🙂    Load up your salad with it and enjoy!  Any leftovers will keep at least a week in the fridge.

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award

 Gee by golly ding dang! I was nominated for a blogging award by Ramblings of a Witchy Bookworm! Awesomeness!   Thank you!
Here are the rules!
1. If you are nominated, you must blog a post linking back to the person/blog that nominated you.
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The Questions:

1. Who is your favorite philosopher?
It must be Plato because he is the only one I know of. If  not Plato and you cold classify him as a philospher then Piny the elder would be my favorite because of j=his herbal knowledge.

2. What is your favorite number?
7- it is Lucky after all 😉

3. What is your favorite animal?

I’m not a big animal lover. I don’t go goo-ga over something cute or fuzzy. I like dogs, small dogs, but don’t care much for cats with a few exceptions. All other animals are cool out in nature where they belong.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?

Yeah right!   I don’t Twitter – I am not twitterpated!   The only Facebook I am willing to share publicly is my business site-  Go check out all the luscious soaps!

5. What is your favorite time of day?
Midnight- I feel like a beaten step child if I have to go to bed any earlier then that.
6. What was your favorite vacation?
One year we drove the RV back home and picked up my grandmother on the way up to The Dells then we went over to the Renaissance Festival in Bristol. She had never seen anything like it. To this day I have not forgotten the sight of her holding her blankets up for our little dog to climb in bed with her- the lady who doesn’t believe dogs belong in the house. Priceless!!!!
7. What is your favorite physical activity?
I love to dance!  I can Belly dance, , do Ballet, Tap dance ; though not to well and do Hula
.8. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Probably Raspberry Lemon-aid but lately I have developed a huge tea addiction and have been really enjoying all the exotic flavors I have been drinking.  Bigalow’s Vanilla Carmel has given me a a substitute that actually tastes like coffee smells to me. I love the aroma of coffee!
9. What is your favorite flower?
Lilacs bring back good memories of days past. My Favorite, however is the unusual looks and scent of  Hyacinth.
.10. What is your passion?
I have many. Right now my soap-making business is inspiring a lot of my passions. If it ever fails to do so then it is time to find a new passion. Life is too short to be without passion.
And my nominations are…….
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Grids – Easy Magic with Crystals

    Crystal Grids                   .

                                                                                               By Mesha Tucker   
This post is somewhat related to my post on Protection magic since I mention in that post the use of crystal grids for protection. You can read that post here.                                   

What is a crystal grid?

The use of crystal grids seems to be a fairly new practice from the lack of books out there on the subject. Hibiscus Moon’s so called book(side rant for another day-cough cough) and a couple free internet downloadble ones are about it. I can’t imagine that people haven’t been using them in some form or another for centuries though. When working with crystals laying out stones for a specific purpose in some organized fashion just makes sense. That is more or less what a crystal grid is.Elmarie Swartz says that is is a geometric pattern of stones to generate a specific energy field. Hibiscus Moon gives this very precise definition in her book on grids- “ A geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention, set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective.” To me they are simply a method of spell casting but then spell casting is simply manipulating energy to manifest your intention.

How do Crystal grids work?

Crystal grids use the vibratory frequencies of their constituent crystals to manifest their intention. Each stone has and produces energies. We have used this knowledge for centuries in crystal healing. By programing the crystals with our desires and placing them together they deliver a continuous pulse of that energy out into the universe. The energy of pure thought is magnetic in nature according to Elmarie Swartz. Through the laws of attraction this draws “like” energy to it and attracts the desired outcome. Grids work so much better to achieve this then we do because they are able to continuously retain and focus on that programed thought or goal. They anchor these thoughts and provide a gateway for that energy to flow. Sacred Geometry is often used by some to enhance the power of these grids. I’m not going to delve into that to much, so if the idea interests you you can look into it on your own.

 What can they be used for?

As I mentioned earlier they are a form of spell so anything you might want to make some magic to achieve can be done through the use of a crystal grid. Elmarie states “ They protect, Manifest, and support an intention or desired goal. They can be used for anything you wish to direct energy to- your imagination is the limit. Hibiscus Moon even talks about the crystal grids that have been established by the International Center For Reiki Training to promote world peace. Reiki and crystal grids make great natural partners by the way!

Common grids are for:

  • Healing
  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Stress relief
  • Study aid/Improving memory & better thinking
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Banishing negativity

                 Pretty much the same things one would cast a spell for : )

Also they can be used for:

  • Meditation and prayer
  • Enhancing sleep
  • Communication with higher realms
  • Balancing Chakras
  • Charging items from tailsmens to food and clothing- I found it very interesting that you could eat or wear charged items to add the energy of the grid to your own.

How to make a crystal grid ?

There is no right or wrong way to make one – They are as individualized as we are. Some folks do it super, simple, bare bones and others go all out and do an elaborate ritual with offerings to deity and spirit helpers. Some use Name papers or other representative items to help focus the intent. Often meditation is involved as it helps with focus and intent. I like to use mandalas and music when I set one but I don’t always use them. I just let the spirit of the moment lead me. Reading some examples of how others set theirs up is a great way to get ideas of what might work best for you. I’ve given some links below. Remember that as with casting a spell or doing Reiki you should always ask permission if you are doing it for another person.

Here’s Generally what you do:

  1. Decide on a purpose.
  2. Choose and prepare a place for it.    Ideally it should be out of the way so it won’t get disturbed and disrupted. You may want to smudge the area you plan to put it in.
  3. Select crystals to compliment your purpose. You will need a center crystal unless you are going to be placing something in the center of the grid to charge it and enough stones to create some type of pattern. They also should be cleansed of any unwanted energy or prior programming.
  4. Charge and program the stones. This is done in the same manner as charging an amulet or talismen.
  5. Lay the stones out in some type of pattern. Sacred Geometry can be used to contribute a specific energy through the pattern of the layout and add meaning to it.
  6. Connect the stones. You can visualize this as a net that connects the stones or connect them by visualizing a white line of energy streaming from your wand or finger that connects them as you draw the lines. Some type of affirmation is handy while you do this. You may find that entering a light meditative state helps you visualize the connections better.
  7. Consider it done! This may be a prayer or affirmation you say or something as simple as “so mote it be”

Here is Doreen Virture, a notable pagan author’s method

Nine Steps To Building A Crystal Grid
excerpted from Crystal Therapy- SEE MORE @
Adults and children need to get enough sleep to create the brain chemical serotonin. If enough serotonin isn’t produced the person wakes up feeling drowsy, hung-over, irritable, and hungry for refined carbohydrates (junk food). Low serotonin is also correlated with depression, PMS, and enuresis (bed-wetting). Some medical professionals are too quick to prescribe medications that boost serotonin, like Ritalin and Prozac. Fortunately, there are natural ways to increase serotonin. Studies show that just 20 minutes of cardio exercise immediately increases serotonin. Also, getting outside, especially in sunshine, increases serotonin. Meditation also boosts serotonin.A crystal expert and angel therapist named Judith Lukomski has co-written a book with me called, Crystal Therapy. One part of crystal therapy involves building grids to help with various areas of your life, such as health, relationships, and abundance. Below are the nine steps for creating a grid.
STEP 1: DETERMINE ITS INTENTION You can build a grid to help support any goal, intention, or desire, so your first step is deciding, “What is it for?” Since it will amplify your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, it’s crucial you have a very clear focus. If you have any fears, doubts, guilt, or other emotions that could potentially disrupt your desired outcome, just call upon Archangel Jophiel to help you attain a positive outlook.
STEP 2: DECIDE ON THE SIZE Selecting the appropriate size is up to you. A grid that’s small enough to set on a tray can be just as powerful as one that’s large enough to welcome a body in the center, since using the stones as a meditation focus point sufficiently expands their energy. However, there are times when the best choice is sitting inside a larger formation to feel its vibrations.
STEP 3: FIND A LOCATION Sometimes the locale for your grid will be obvious (such as the bedroom when you want to sleep better), but at other times, convenience is the deciding factor. For example, placing the pattern in your personal meditation space would help ensure that other people don’t move your crystals or disrupt you while you’re focusing on them. For more options, remember that you can also build outdoors, just as our ancestors did.
STEP 4: USE FENG SHUI As an optional enhancement to further clarify your pattern’s intention, use the “Feng Shui magic square” (nine defined areas), called the bagua map, to help choose a location. For example, if you want to improve your love life, create a grid in your bedroom’s relationship area and meditate there on a regular basis—the results can be exceptional!
STEP 5: CLEAR THE SPACE Once you determine the intent, size, and location of your project, purify and lift the energy in that spot. Any space-clearing method will work, such as burning sage, placing bowls of sea salt in the room, calling upon Archangel Michael, ringing a bell, and the like.
STEP 6: CREATE AMBIENCE Music, candles, and incense all add to the sense of tranquility and peace in the sacred space that you’ve decided to use.
STEP 7: PLACE THE CRYSTALS Following your own guidance, place the crystals around your chosen location. If you’re using quartz, face all the stones in the same direction to heighten their energy flow: The points go to the right to send energy outward, and go to the left to receive energy. Don’t worry—as long as you’re following your inner guidance, you can’t make a mistake in the building process.
STEP 8: MEDITATE & EMPOWER THE GRID Sit quietly, either next to the crystals or in the center of the pattern, and visualize lines of energy connecting each stone above and around you. You may see various lines, shapes, and colors; and hear celestial music or whirring sounds, which are all displays of the converging power.
STEP 9: LISTEN Focus on your breath in order to quiet your mind, and then pay attention to any ideas, visions, words, or feelings that come to you. Surrender any distracting thoughts or worries to the angels so that you can visualize your desire as already being complete, and feel gratitude that this is so. Thank the Universe for its ever-flowing abundance, asking the angels to help you be open and receive, and then complete the meditation by saying positive affirmations. Each time you build and use a crystal grid, you’ll develop a greater awareness of its energy and power—so relax into the process and have fun! 

How to choose stones for a crystal grid

There are no correct or incorrect stones to use for your grid. People often choose the crystals used in the grids intuitively. Some dowse with a pendulum to pick the stones they need. Grids are even made with clear quartz crystals alone. I guess that saves choosing which types of crystals to use but still a choice of which piece of quartz must be made. Often grids use a combination of quartz and other stones and crystals and some may not use clear quartz at all. Usually they use a quartz point in the center or some other type of point but I have seen many done with pyramids, spheres, eggs or other large stone in the middle. Rose Quartz would be ideal for love or Citrine for prosperity. Generator points ( Have 6 sides to the tip that all meet in the center) are very prized for use in grids. If the grid was made for the purpose of charging an item/items then one may not want to use a center stone at all.

If you don’t decide to choose your stones by intuition then you may choose to use the correspondences from one of the many books on crystals out there. I have listed some recommendations in the notes on the last page.

sbdnfIf you have worked with crystals maybe you found that certain stones don’t work for you like the books suggest or possibly they work well for you for things those books don’t mention at all. Each person’s relationship and response to different stones energies will vary since our energies differ as individuals. Even different stones possess slightly different energies from stones of the same type. That is why you may be drawn more to one particular stone over another.

Ever wonder where those books on stones got those attributes from? Sometimes the author has the ability to channel such information from years of experience working with crystals. Most often they use historic attributes for them that have been around for centuries- nobody is sure where those came from but they work. Possibly somewhere along the line someone also channeled this information, then it was passed down through the years because it was found to be true. It is possible that the doctrine of signatures was the basis for that information- Notice that green and gold stones are often used for prosperity and abundance? What colors do we relate to those things? Kind of makes sense doesn’t it ?

The uses of stones are often connected to their Chakra colors but not always. Here is a quick reference list for some grids that are common. For the most part I have listed the more readily available and most reasonably priced ones.

Prosperity: Aventurine, Jade, Tiger eye, Carnelian, Moss Agate, Green Calcite,

         Crysoprase, Malachite, Peridot

Healing: Malachite, Bloodstone,Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, Lapis, Peridot, Amber,

        Turquoise, Sodalite

Protection: Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Tiger eye, Turquoise, Citrine,

        Obsidian, Moonstone, Salt, Lapis, Lava rock, Amber, Jade, Garnet, Amber,

        Jet,  Carnelion, Apache Tear(a form of Obsidian), Smokey Quartz, Flint

Stress & Anxiety Relief: Lepidolite, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Fuorite,

        Chrysocolla, Howlite, Peridot, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Amazonite,

        Moonstone, Selinite, Kunzite, Lapis (Also can use for happy home layout)

Peaceful Sleep: Lapis, Sodalite, Snowflake Obsidian(prevents nightmares),

         Amethyst, Jade, Lepidolite, Moonstoone, Amazonite, Sodalite, 

         Blue Lace Agate

Psychism & Spirituality:Amethyst, Fuorite, Amazonite, Moonstone, Lapis

Love: Rose Quartz, Jade, Pearl, Amethyst, Moonstone, Turquoise, Amber,

        Malachite, Rhodocrosite,

Layout Patterns :

You can place the stones directly on the surface where you plan to lay out the grid but some like to use a cloth under it or a paper marked with a diagram of the layout .If I am using a mandala I put them directly over the artwork.

Symbols that may be used are:

  • The Sephiroth or Tree of Life

  • Antakarana

  • Reiki symbols

  • The Infinity symbol

  • A simple circle, square or triangle

  • Triquetra or Triskele

  • Celtic Knots

  • An image of a Goddess

  • An emblem of your spiritual path Some find it helpful to place a piece of paper with the purpose and/or the person’s name for which a grid is for under the center stone of the grid or the cloth/paper.


    The Flower of Life

The Flower Of Life is one of Hibiscus Moon’s favorites to tap into source energy through the use of Sacred Geometry. Works well for prosperity. Hibiscus recommends stars and squares as being great for protection and spirals for expansion. She believes that a spiral based on the golden ratio (which has to do with pie) is especially powerful. Circles and the infinite symbol can be used as layout basis for things you want a continuous never ending cycle of.

From: by Peggy Jentoft

Drop by there for the complete article! There is a lot more great information there.

The square or pyramid grid  

fourside or pyramid     A flat representation of a pyramid and uses five main stones one in each corner and one in the center It may be aligned with the four directions and linked on the outer wall with a crystal between each of the corner crystals You can also place either double terminated crystals or two single terminated crystals one pointing in and one pointing out between the center stone and the outer corner stones. Good for household harmony and  protection. This is a very stable grid and enhances programs or intentions that concern long term plans, healing, relationships, Earth healing and environmental work among other uses . The four sided crystal grid pattern creates a field of energy which projects a lovely field over a wide area Anything placed within this field will absorb and store or use this energy so you can make a large grid or put the grid on a box in which you keep things you want kept clear and charged. Six sided grid or Star of Solomon grid star of solomon This is among the most popular grids. A grid with a center stone and six outer crystals or stones in a circle around it can be used with or without linking crystals. The links from or to the center creates a Star of Solomon,  Star of David  pattern within the outer circle of stones. This is the form often used for Reiki grids and in world peace healing grids as well as for many other programs this is possibly the most common basic all purpose grid . It is used to create and hold programs ,affirmations, the thought forms for manifestation  procedures, to enhance communion with spiritual teachers, Divine will or love and for more mundane intentions as well . It is used for absent healing. It is another stable grid field and connects you to the natural forces of Earth and source . You can use all quartz or one quartz and another stone for the outer wheel you can use a different stone at each point in the outer circle if you wish to have each represent a different aspect or quality or person involved in the purpose of the grid .  eightside Eight spoke grid these are just like the six sided grids except they have eight sides . These are among the first I used ,I was taught eight sided grids by a Buddhist monk who used them as healing grids , meditation grids and for  most other grid work.  These are also symbolic of the Seasonal Wheel of the year and might be used for grids related to  long term projects. Some people use 12 sided grids for purposes where either a year or where zodiac elements will be of significant help. Seven sided grids are also popular. These are often used for chakra grids and as part of  magical work.


This is by no means a comprehensive introduction to crystal grids. I hope it is not too confusing and contains enough to help you get started exploring grids. I tried to keep this as simple as I could. Everyone tends to learn how they best work for them by exploration and trial. Hopefully I have given you enough insight into the way I do it to help you along yet still let you find your own way. The amount of information out there about them is growing daily as more and more people become interested in them. Happy journeys!

Helpful Links and Places I Got Information From: – Videos on crystals and crystal grids. She is the author of the crystal grid book<cough> er pamphlet that is very overpriced for what you get. – One of my favorite sites for quick reference. Also has a lot of other information on crystals. – Also a favorite site for crystal information  List of crystals for spiritual uses: Note: this same site has much other information on crystals like what stones to use to help with different ailments or healing and emotional issues as well as making crystal elixirs to crystal grids and more. I highly recommend a look see. Free crystal grid book download by ELMARIE SWARTZ- also available on Scribd- . I got a lot of information there has zip file of grids you can download and a great explanation page. I don’t know how good the grids are though because I have not downloaded them – how to make a crystal grid – using Reiki and crystal grids together – using crystal grids for protection – a video on making a crystal grid – site I just found that has a very comprehensive list of stones – site that explains the differences between the different types of quartz points – a whole list of various purposes and uses for stones


  •  LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia by Melody– The ultimate book on stones. Many other books are written based on the information in this one. Sadly $100 so I don’t own it but I do own 
  • Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals – The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom by her which is very thorough and in depth though it does not have pictures.
  • The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ashian- Excellent, one of the best at a reasonable price
  • Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham
  • The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall- I don’t own this one but many use it as a prized reference
  • Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schreiber and Sibylle Dausien – I really like this one.
  • TheCrystal Healer: Crystal Perscriptions That Will Change Your Life Forever  by Philip Permutt- I use this one a lot too.

Protection Magic

We all have times we are overwhelmed by energies we don’t like or make us feel uncomfortable. We all have had someone wish us ill for any number of causes. We all  have loved ones we wish to keep safe from harm. Whatever the reason for the need we all have needed or wanted protection magic in some form or another.

At one time in my past I was involved with a Meetup group of pagans that just got together to hang out and shoot the shit once a week. I met some fantastic people there who will be lifelong friends. However,  since the group was an open group where anyone who wanted to could drop in any time they wished we got our share of psychic vampires and just plain crazies through there. Boy!!! Could I tell you some stories!  Another day maybe 😉

Not everyone is going to need as many different forms of protection magic as I was using around that time since it is unlikely they would be as silly as I was and hang out with a group like that that continually brought negative crap to their doorstep. What can I say- it is the Bible belt and I live in a smallish town so there aren’t a lot of pagan groups to choose from. This was the first group I had joined and I had no idea that all the bullshit wasn’t just part of the price you had to pay for being a part of a group.  Anyhow, Being in such a group I had to develop some skills in the protection magic department or I was prone to get run down and sick or I had unwanted and not so nice spirits hanging around the house. They really liked  the kind of energy that I was bringing home from those little outings.

I found the best way to keep such spirit traffic under control was to cleanse and ward my house monthly on the full moon. The full moon energy was ideal to boost such a working.  First I walked around the house in a clockwise direction and apsperged(sprinkled)  with moon blessed salt water. Next I smudged with a pine smudge stick. I have found pine to be much better then sage to remove negative energy. Sage is better for general cleansing. The final step was a herbal salt sprinkle around the perimeter. I made this by finely grinding a couple teaspoons of  protection herbs in my mortar then stirring them into about 1/2 cup of sea salt.

Herbs That might be used are : Rose, Rosemary, Lavender, Thistle, Pine, Burdock Root, Rue, Vervain, Oak, Cedar, Black Pepper, Mugwort, Angelica, Nettle, Juniper Berries, Raspberry or Blackberry leaves,Tobacco, Ginger, Bay Leaves, Garlic, Anise, Dragon’s Blood, Elder….. there are many more. Those ruled by Mars &  fire are are ideal ones to use.  Many of your Wicca 101 books will have a list and I highly recommend a Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Herbs.  You can also find a ton of lists online by Googling “protection herbs”.

I also set up a string bottle. These are somewhat similar to a witch’s ball. You set them up in the central portion of the house or a main window and it traps and ties up any negative or harmful energies that may come your way.

My String Bottle
I have been working on it about 2 years

All you do is add bits and pieces of string to it as you find them.  This spell is deceptively easy yet effective since everyone in the family can be a part of contributing energy to it and it is constantly being fed by the new additions of string.  To the right is a picture of mine.

I keep a natural Citrine point in the bottle mouth to further filter the energies it traps.   It initially got stuck there when I used  a bunch of Citrine points near every window and door as a protective ward.  I charged these points as a group then anointed them with protection potion and either set them in or near each entry to our home including windows.

Protection potion is easy to make and can be used in many different ways for personal protection or warding. Just a few are:

  • Anoint amulets, mojo bags or tailsmens with it to enhance their protective powers.
  • Wear it for personal protection.
  • Anoint windows, mirrors and doors with it to create a ward.

I am sure you can think of several more.

To make one is easy! Simply combine protective herbs and place about a teaspoon in a quarter cup of base oil such as Almond or Olive. You can also add a few drops of essential oil if you wish. A few drops or a capsule of vitamin E broken into it will help keep the oil from going rancid for a bit longer. If stored in a cool dark place it should keep 1-2 years.

A potion can also be made in a similar manner with alcohol and water. The mix should be at least a  quarter to a third alcohol so it won’t spoil.  Make a tea with a teaspoon of herbs in a cup water, strain out the herbs to prevent mold in your potion and add a quarter cup of alcohol. I prefer Vodka because it doesn’t smell. If you are going to use it all up immediately you can omit the alcohol

Another favorite variation of mine is a herbal spray smudge.  I use this all over the house for cleansing and setting wards. I have even used it on myself as a shield of sorts.   I wrote about it previously on Witchbook if you want to go check it out.  I know I said only a teaspoon of alcohol but I have since learned from my studies into lotion making that that may not be enough to preserve it well. Personally I have never had an issue using the lesser amount but I would advise you to do it right.

Lt- drawstring bags
Center- sewn bag
Rt- Tied circle/square bags

Charm bags can be another way to work with herbs for protection.  Ready made little drawstring bags can be used like the ones in the picture, a bag can be sewn especially for a spell out of material in a color corresponding to the intent or you can simply tie up a square or circle of cloth like i have done on the picture.  Besides herbs what can go in is highly individualized. I have used little stone chip beads, name papers, runes painted on little clay tiles, photos, mirrors, taglocks and all kinds of other little brick-brack that was representative to me.

The making of the charm itself is also a matter of personal preference. Some caste a circle while others may not. Offerings and the calling of specific deity may be involved. A whole ritual may evolve around the process or it may be done as a simple crafting type scenario.

Spell of Cleansing & Shielding

Another way I approach protection is through the use of crystals and stones. I have already mentioned using the Citrine earlier. One day I stumbled on a really lovely spell and stone layout to go with it to rid your house of negative energies and provide protection.  She calls it the  Spell of Cleansing and Shielding on her site. Click the link and scroll all the way to the bottom of her page to see it.

Protection Crystal Grid

                     Very similar to this is the use of crystal grids for protection. I recently wrote about grids and gave a class on them for my local circle- not the group I mentioned earlier but the one I joined when I left them just over a year ago. The new group is closed and very private which makes for extreme differences between the two. I couldn’t be happier!  So what was I saying? Oh- I  will be posting the paper I wrote soon so look for it. Once I do post it I will add a link at the end of this post.

To the right  is a picture of one of my protection crystal grids. I used four huge Black Kyanite Fairy Brooms, four Smokey Quartz and four Jet tumble stones.

Travel Protection Charm

    I could go on about this for days but I think I’ll finish this up by telling you about the most recent protection charm I have made. This is a travel protection charm I was lead to make for a friend to hang from their rear-view mirror and protect them while they are out on the roads.

The  charm is made from Sculpey clay  that has ground protective herbs in it. The back side has the person’s name in runes and the front has Thor’s hammer surrounded by the rune Thurisaz which is Thor’s rune since my friend is dedicated to Thor.  Suspended from the charm are two stones- a wrapped quartz crystal that was programmed for protection that will help give the charm power and a  wrapped Yellow Jasper which is good for travel protection. The third suspended item is a little glass charm bottle filled with Comfrey, Bladderwrack, and Feverfew for travel protection.

Detail of Travel Protection Charm

I hope you have found something of use in this menagerie.

Thanks for reading!

8/23/12- here is that promised link to the post on Crystal grids-

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Ordinary Acts of Kindness

You may have also heard of these as random acts of kindness but I call them ordinary because they are just small little things that are     nothing  much to do but really brighten someone’s day.

Making someone feel better about themselves, brightening their day even for a minute or simple smiles are highly magical things. If they choose to pass it on to the next person and so on, then it changes the world 🙂

Here are some simple ones I like to do:

  • I give someone a smile.
  • I give heartfelt compliments.
  • When the person ahead of me in line needs a few pennies in order to avoid bothersome change I give them some if I have plenty.
  • One of our local stores is a pain to get out of when traffic is busy because they are right on a huge intersection. If I see someone trying to get out of there I will let them out in front of me if I can.
  • When they are doing construction or there has been an accident and the road is closed down except for a  lane or two and the traffic is all backed up I let someone in in front of me if I can.
  • If I have a cart full at the store and the person behind me only has a few items I let them go first.
  • I have gotten items down off shelves for people in the store when they couldn’t reach them and I could.
  • If I have a waiter or waitress that is doing a great job  I will ask them to have the manager come over then I tell the manager what a great job they have been doing. I have also done this in stores when a clerk was really helpful.

I could go on but you get the idea.  Just think of WWJD-lol!  Stupid slogan but the idea behind the movement was fantastic!

So putting all that good juju out into the world is a wonderful thing- it will generate a lot of positive energy around you that you can tap into for things like prosperity spells and healing.

I had the idea that one could channel this flow of wonderful energy back into their own life with this affirmation that came to me just before I sat down to write this.

  •  As I go forth into this day
  • Each act of kindness I do comes back my way
  • as three-fold blessings to brighten my way

So make a difference in someone’s life today!

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Negative Energy – A Crafty Method To Remove It

Big blow out at the house and the energy feeling a bit off? Do you have one of those folks around that drags a little black rain cloud of negativity around with them? Someone you’d rather not be around for obvious reasons just vacate the premises? Whatever the reason you need to rid your space of some negative energy these little tarts for your oil warmer/ Scentsy are just the thing.

University of Texas Campus Scentsy Warmer     Candle Tart Warmers Wholesale free scentsy tarts Wax Melters

Let’s get started!
First gather your supplies. Since I make handcrafted soap I have all this on hand but it all is fairly easy to come by.
You will need:

  • Some type of double boiler set up- I have one but you can easily create a makeshift one.
  • Some thing to stir with- I used a craft stick
  • Wax
  • Ice cube tray
  • Paper towels
  • Herbs-suitable for cleansing or purification If you would like them. You’ll find a list down below.
  • Essential oils good for purification or cleansing
  • Droppers – for the essential oils
  • Mortar and pestle-
  • Gravy ladle- nice to have but not really needed
  • Thermometer- also nice to have but not needed
  • Paper towels

Start by putting the wax in whatever double boiler set up you will be using. I used some wax from an old candle I had chopped up that I had on hand. This is the perfect way to reuse wax tarts that no longer have any scent left in them. You can also buy wax at the craft store or melt down a new candle or tea light. Be sure if using old wax to cleanse it first. A quick easy way is to envision white light surrounding it and purifying it. It is probably best not to use wax or candles left over from previous spell work especially if it was for someone else or a totally different purpose since the energy residue from it can be really difficult to remove.

                       Step 1               Step 2
Keep the heat as low as possible. You only want it hot enough to just melt the wax. Some essential oils have a pretty low flashpoint and if you put them into wax that is too hot it will evaporate them. Essential oil is way to expensive for that!!!!!

Step 3  A thermometer is really helpful to check the temperature before adding the essential oils.

I choose to add herbs to mine since with a warmer you don’t have to worry about them catching on fire. This allows me to tap into the energies of some herbs that are way to expensive to use as oils. The first I am using is Angelica. It is a very powerful herb used to purify homes and ward off evil spirits. The other I am using is Hyssop.  Hyssop was used as a cleansing herb in Biblical times according to the Psalms. They didn’t think that up on their own <wink, nod>

  Step 4        Step5  

 Step 6 

For this batch I choose pine, rosemary and sage. You don’t have to use these particular ones- there are quite a few reasonably priced pils that will work. I have noted several below. Use as few as one oil or as many as you would like.

  Step 7  

 Sage is well known for its ability to remove negative energies from spaces. I had to settle for Dalmatian Sage though since white sage essential oil is incredibly expensive and hard to come by. Maybe one day I can add it to my collection.

  Step 8

Great article here-  by the way on the historical use of Rosemary you should check out. Rosemary has been used for purification and warding off evil for centuries.

  Step 9
Personally I find Pine to be even better then sage at removing negative energies. Hubby is one of those people with his own pet little black rain cloud so I often have to do a little psychic hygiene around the house.

  Step 10    

   Step 11

  Step 12  

Step 13

  Magic in 13 steps 🙂

Mandala Spell Casting

Recently I discovered the art form of mandalas at a one of our bimonthly teaching circle classes on hex symbols and mandalas. I immediately fell in love with creating them.
UntitledOne of the things we discussed in the class was that they could be used as a spell casting method. As a matter of fact hex signs, which are theoretically mandalas, are said to have a taboo history of being used as such by the Pennsylvania Dutch.
Their ancestors were the originators of this art form. We all know spell casting isn’t done by good Amish folk ,so the Pennsylvania Dutch will vehemently deny their use as such. Seems word of it got out back in 1924 when Wallace Nutting’s book Pennsylvania Beautiful was published and created quite a scandal of it. Here is a link where you can learn more about hex signs:
And a list of traditional correspondences used in creating hex signs-

The act of creating the fusion of color has been one of the best ways I have found to work to put me into a meditative or trance state. I find creating any form of art or craft to be an ideal way to commune with the divine and connect to spirit. Ideal for spell casting if I do say so! Ann Moura even uses a mandala in Her book Grimoire For The Green Witch for a love spell.

One of the Mandala books I have that I like.

Possible Correspondences

  • Paper- pentacle
  • Colored Pencils- wands
  • Ruler & compass- athames
  • Sketch book- BOS
  • Pencil sharpener- offering bowl
  • Pencil case- chalice
  • Neat set that has coloring book and handy stencils to create your own Mandalas

    Eraser- smudge stick

  • Music -air
  • Paper- earth or water
  • Eraser- water or fire
  • Pencils- earth

Once I have decided on the intent of my mandala spell I start casting it by choosing some appropriate meditation music to listen to while I create. I have several of those nature sound CDs I just love for this. I might choose ocean, stream or rain music to connect with the element of water. A cracking fireplace is my choice for fire of course. Spirit of the forest or gardens sounds is good for earth. Air is best represented by soft flute or wind-chimes. Thunderstorm music I see as a combination of fire and water and rainforest is good for water and earth.

Prosperity Mandala

A Prosperity spell Mandala I created.

Once I gather all my art supplies all that is left to do is focus my intent and slip away meditative trancelike state and create away. I may choose my colors according to traditional color correspondences or simply go with my intuition. Pretty dang easy!
Links for color correspondences: – a very comprehensive list – has them from several sources