Recently I discovered the art form of mandalas at a one of our bimonthly teaching circle classes on hex symbols and mandalas. I immediately fell in love with creating them.
UntitledOne of the things we discussed in the class was that they could be used as a spell casting method. As a matter of fact hex signs, which are theoretically mandalas, are said to have a taboo history of being used as such by the Pennsylvania Dutch.
Their ancestors were the originators of this art form. We all know spell casting isn’t done by good Amish folk ,so the Pennsylvania Dutch will vehemently deny their use as such. Seems word of it got out back in 1924 when Wallace Nutting’s book Pennsylvania Beautiful was published and created quite a scandal of it. Here is a link where you can learn more about hex signs:
And a list of traditional correspondences used in creating hex signs-

The act of creating the fusion of color has been one of the best ways I have found to work to put me into a meditative or trance state. I find creating any form of art or craft to be an ideal way to commune with the divine and connect to spirit. Ideal for spell casting if I do say so! Ann Moura even uses a mandala in Her book Grimoire For The Green Witch for a love spell.

One of the Mandala books I have that I like.

Possible Correspondences

  • Paper- pentacle
  • Colored Pencils- wands
  • Ruler & compass- athames
  • Sketch book- BOS
  • Pencil sharpener- offering bowl
  • Pencil case- chalice
  • Neat set that has coloring book and handy stencils to create your own Mandalas

    Eraser- smudge stick

  • Music -air
  • Paper- earth or water
  • Eraser- water or fire
  • Pencils- earth

Once I have decided on the intent of my mandala spell I start casting it by choosing some appropriate meditation music to listen to while I create. I have several of those nature sound CDs I just love for this. I might choose ocean, stream or rain music to connect with the element of water. A cracking fireplace is my choice for fire of course. Spirit of the forest or gardens sounds is good for earth. Air is best represented by soft flute or wind-chimes. Thunderstorm music I see as a combination of fire and water and rainforest is good for water and earth.

Prosperity Mandala

A Prosperity spell Mandala I created.

Once I gather all my art supplies all that is left to do is focus my intent and slip away meditative trancelike state and create away. I may choose my colors according to traditional color correspondences or simply go with my intuition. Pretty dang easy!
Links for color correspondences: – a very comprehensive list – has them from several sources