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Raspberry Vinaigrette 

On a recent trip to Austin to get #2 squared away in college Hubby and I dropped into the local Luby’s for a bite to eat. They had an all you can eat deal going so I guess my favorite blue cheese salad dressing was too expensive to offer at their bargain buffet price. Instead I settled for their homemade raspberry vinaigrette. It was  yummytastic!!!! Since then I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I have cravings for it worse then when I was preggers years ago.

I looked all over the net thinking surely someone has duplicated it but no luck, so I have been mixing together various concoctions based on what some of the raspberry dressings I found. Two bags of raspberries latter I can no longer remember just what Luby’s tasted like but mine is delicious enough to please me and satify those monster cravings. It also has the benifit of being sugar free and can be whipped up in less then five minutes.  Put it on a salad with Craisins and some nuts and it doesn’t get any better!

In blender combine the following:

  •  1/4 cup frozen raspberries
  •  1/2 cup oil- I like 50/50 canola and olive
  •  2 teas lemon juice
  • 1 Tbs balsamic vinerette
  • 1Tbs + 1 teas red wine vinegar
  • 3Tbs Splenda or similar
  • 1Tbs honey

Blend on high several minutes until very thick and well emulsified. It is best to keep blending for an extra minute past when you think you have it to be sure.  All done!

See simple right 🙂    Load up your salad with it and enjoy!  Any leftovers will keep at least a week in the fridge.


Big blow out at the house and the energy feeling a bit off? Do you have one of those folks around that drags a little black rain cloud of negativity around with them? Someone you’d rather not be around for obvious reasons just vacate the premises? Whatever the reason you need to rid your space of some negative energy these little tarts for your oil warmer/ Scentsy are just the thing.

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Let’s get started!
First gather your supplies. Since I make handcrafted soap I have all this on hand but it all is fairly easy to come by.
You will need:

  • Some type of double boiler set up- I have one but you can easily create a makeshift one.
  • Some thing to stir with- I used a craft stick
  • Wax
  • Ice cube tray
  • Paper towels
  • Herbs-suitable for cleansing or purification If you would like them. You’ll find a list down below.
  • Essential oils good for purification or cleansing
  • Droppers – for the essential oils
  • Mortar and pestle-
  • Gravy ladle- nice to have but not really needed
  • Thermometer- also nice to have but not needed
  • Paper towels

Start by putting the wax in whatever double boiler set up you will be using. I used some wax from an old candle I had chopped up that I had on hand. This is the perfect way to reuse wax tarts that no longer have any scent left in them. You can also buy wax at the craft store or melt down a new candle or tea light. Be sure if using old wax to cleanse it first. A quick easy way is to envision white light surrounding it and purifying it. It is probably best not to use wax or candles left over from previous spell work especially if it was for someone else or a totally different purpose since the energy residue from it can be really difficult to remove.

                       Step 1               Step 2
Keep the heat as low as possible. You only want it hot enough to just melt the wax. Some essential oils have a pretty low flashpoint and if you put them into wax that is too hot it will evaporate them. Essential oil is way to expensive for that!!!!!

Step 3  A thermometer is really helpful to check the temperature before adding the essential oils.

I choose to add herbs to mine since with a warmer you don’t have to worry about them catching on fire. This allows me to tap into the energies of some herbs that are way to expensive to use as oils. The first I am using is Angelica. It is a very powerful herb used to purify homes and ward off evil spirits. The other I am using is Hyssop.  Hyssop was used as a cleansing herb in Biblical times according to the Psalms. They didn’t think that up on their own <wink, nod>

  Step 4        Step5  

 Step 6 

For this batch I choose pine, rosemary and sage. You don’t have to use these particular ones- there are quite a few reasonably priced pils that will work. I have noted several below. Use as few as one oil or as many as you would like.

  Step 7  

 Sage is well known for its ability to remove negative energies from spaces. I had to settle for Dalmatian Sage though since white sage essential oil is incredibly expensive and hard to come by. Maybe one day I can add it to my collection.

  Step 8

Great article here-  by the way on the historical use of Rosemary you should check out. Rosemary has been used for purification and warding off evil for centuries.

  Step 9
Personally I find Pine to be even better then sage at removing negative energies. Hubby is one of those people with his own pet little black rain cloud so I often have to do a little psychic hygiene around the house.

  Step 10    

   Step 11

  Step 12  

Step 13

  Magic in 13 steps 🙂