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We all have times we are overwhelmed by energies we don’t like or make us feel uncomfortable. We all have had someone wish us ill for any number of causes. We all  have loved ones we wish to keep safe from harm. Whatever the reason for the need we all have needed or wanted protection magic in some form or another.

At one time in my past I was involved with a Meetup group of pagans that just got together to hang out and shoot the shit once a week. I met some fantastic people there who will be lifelong friends. However,  since the group was an open group where anyone who wanted to could drop in any time they wished we got our share of psychic vampires and just plain crazies through there. Boy!!! Could I tell you some stories!  Another day maybe 😉

Not everyone is going to need as many different forms of protection magic as I was using around that time since it is unlikely they would be as silly as I was and hang out with a group like that that continually brought negative crap to their doorstep. What can I say- it is the Bible belt and I live in a smallish town so there aren’t a lot of pagan groups to choose from. This was the first group I had joined and I had no idea that all the bullshit wasn’t just part of the price you had to pay for being a part of a group.  Anyhow, Being in such a group I had to develop some skills in the protection magic department or I was prone to get run down and sick or I had unwanted and not so nice spirits hanging around the house. They really liked  the kind of energy that I was bringing home from those little outings.

I found the best way to keep such spirit traffic under control was to cleanse and ward my house monthly on the full moon. The full moon energy was ideal to boost such a working.  First I walked around the house in a clockwise direction and apsperged(sprinkled)  with moon blessed salt water. Next I smudged with a pine smudge stick. I have found pine to be much better then sage to remove negative energy. Sage is better for general cleansing. The final step was a herbal salt sprinkle around the perimeter. I made this by finely grinding a couple teaspoons of  protection herbs in my mortar then stirring them into about 1/2 cup of sea salt.

Herbs That might be used are : Rose, Rosemary, Lavender, Thistle, Pine, Burdock Root, Rue, Vervain, Oak, Cedar, Black Pepper, Mugwort, Angelica, Nettle, Juniper Berries, Raspberry or Blackberry leaves,Tobacco, Ginger, Bay Leaves, Garlic, Anise, Dragon’s Blood, Elder….. there are many more. Those ruled by Mars &  fire are are ideal ones to use.  Many of your Wicca 101 books will have a list and I highly recommend a Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Herbs.  You can also find a ton of lists online by Googling “protection herbs”.

I also set up a string bottle. These are somewhat similar to a witch’s ball. You set them up in the central portion of the house or a main window and it traps and ties up any negative or harmful energies that may come your way.

My String Bottle
I have been working on it about 2 years

All you do is add bits and pieces of string to it as you find them.  This spell is deceptively easy yet effective since everyone in the family can be a part of contributing energy to it and it is constantly being fed by the new additions of string.  To the right is a picture of mine.

I keep a natural Citrine point in the bottle mouth to further filter the energies it traps.   It initially got stuck there when I used  a bunch of Citrine points near every window and door as a protective ward.  I charged these points as a group then anointed them with protection potion and either set them in or near each entry to our home including windows.

Protection potion is easy to make and can be used in many different ways for personal protection or warding. Just a few are:

  • Anoint amulets, mojo bags or tailsmens with it to enhance their protective powers.
  • Wear it for personal protection.
  • Anoint windows, mirrors and doors with it to create a ward.

I am sure you can think of several more.

To make one is easy! Simply combine protective herbs and place about a teaspoon in a quarter cup of base oil such as Almond or Olive. You can also add a few drops of essential oil if you wish. A few drops or a capsule of vitamin E broken into it will help keep the oil from going rancid for a bit longer. If stored in a cool dark place it should keep 1-2 years.

A potion can also be made in a similar manner with alcohol and water. The mix should be at least a  quarter to a third alcohol so it won’t spoil.  Make a tea with a teaspoon of herbs in a cup water, strain out the herbs to prevent mold in your potion and add a quarter cup of alcohol. I prefer Vodka because it doesn’t smell. If you are going to use it all up immediately you can omit the alcohol

Another favorite variation of mine is a herbal spray smudge.  I use this all over the house for cleansing and setting wards. I have even used it on myself as a shield of sorts.   I wrote about it previously on Witchbook if you want to go check it out.  I know I said only a teaspoon of alcohol but I have since learned from my studies into lotion making that that may not be enough to preserve it well. Personally I have never had an issue using the lesser amount but I would advise you to do it right.

Lt- drawstring bags
Center- sewn bag
Rt- Tied circle/square bags

Charm bags can be another way to work with herbs for protection.  Ready made little drawstring bags can be used like the ones in the picture, a bag can be sewn especially for a spell out of material in a color corresponding to the intent or you can simply tie up a square or circle of cloth like i have done on the picture.  Besides herbs what can go in is highly individualized. I have used little stone chip beads, name papers, runes painted on little clay tiles, photos, mirrors, taglocks and all kinds of other little brick-brack that was representative to me.

The making of the charm itself is also a matter of personal preference. Some caste a circle while others may not. Offerings and the calling of specific deity may be involved. A whole ritual may evolve around the process or it may be done as a simple crafting type scenario.

Spell of Cleansing & Shielding

Another way I approach protection is through the use of crystals and stones. I have already mentioned using the Citrine earlier. One day I stumbled on a really lovely spell and stone layout to go with it to rid your house of negative energies and provide protection.  She calls it the  Spell of Cleansing and Shielding on her site. Click the link and scroll all the way to the bottom of her page to see it.

Protection Crystal Grid

                     Very similar to this is the use of crystal grids for protection. I recently wrote about grids and gave a class on them for my local circle- not the group I mentioned earlier but the one I joined when I left them just over a year ago. The new group is closed and very private which makes for extreme differences between the two. I couldn’t be happier!  So what was I saying? Oh- I  will be posting the paper I wrote soon so look for it. Once I do post it I will add a link at the end of this post.

To the right  is a picture of one of my protection crystal grids. I used four huge Black Kyanite Fairy Brooms, four Smokey Quartz and four Jet tumble stones.

Travel Protection Charm

    I could go on about this for days but I think I’ll finish this up by telling you about the most recent protection charm I have made. This is a travel protection charm I was lead to make for a friend to hang from their rear-view mirror and protect them while they are out on the roads.

The  charm is made from Sculpey clay  that has ground protective herbs in it. The back side has the person’s name in runes and the front has Thor’s hammer surrounded by the rune Thurisaz which is Thor’s rune since my friend is dedicated to Thor.  Suspended from the charm are two stones- a wrapped quartz crystal that was programmed for protection that will help give the charm power and a  wrapped Yellow Jasper which is good for travel protection. The third suspended item is a little glass charm bottle filled with Comfrey, Bladderwrack, and Feverfew for travel protection.

Detail of Travel Protection Charm

I hope you have found something of use in this menagerie.

Thanks for reading!

8/23/12- here is that promised link to the post on Crystal grids-

Please drop by and check it out!