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You may have also heard of these as random acts of kindness but I call them ordinary because they are just small little things that are     nothing  much to do but really brighten someone’s day.

Making someone feel better about themselves, brightening their day even for a minute or simple smiles are highly magical things. If they choose to pass it on to the next person and so on, then it changes the world 🙂

Here are some simple ones I like to do:

  • I give someone a smile.
  • I give heartfelt compliments.
  • When the person ahead of me in line needs a few pennies in order to avoid bothersome change I give them some if I have plenty.
  • One of our local stores is a pain to get out of when traffic is busy because they are right on a huge intersection. If I see someone trying to get out of there I will let them out in front of me if I can.
  • When they are doing construction or there has been an accident and the road is closed down except for a  lane or two and the traffic is all backed up I let someone in in front of me if I can.
  • If I have a cart full at the store and the person behind me only has a few items I let them go first.
  • I have gotten items down off shelves for people in the store when they couldn’t reach them and I could.
  • If I have a waiter or waitress that is doing a great job  I will ask them to have the manager come over then I tell the manager what a great job they have been doing. I have also done this in stores when a clerk was really helpful.

I could go on but you get the idea.  Just think of WWJD-lol!  Stupid slogan but the idea behind the movement was fantastic!

So putting all that good juju out into the world is a wonderful thing- it will generate a lot of positive energy around you that you can tap into for things like prosperity spells and healing.

I had the idea that one could channel this flow of wonderful energy back into their own life with this affirmation that came to me just before I sat down to write this.

  •  As I go forth into this day
  • Each act of kindness I do comes back my way
  • as three-fold blessings to brighten my way

So make a difference in someone’s life today!

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